About Us

Who we are

Vie Saine Foodz Ltd is a healthy alternative food and beverage processing company located in Abuja.

So, you ask…what does Vie Saine mean? Lol……Vie Saine is the French word for Healthy life.

Vie Saine Foodz began processing Dates fruit in 2017 into syrup and powder form as a healthy sweetener.  We also saw the need to manufacture alternative foods and beverages due to the recent trends of the increase in prevalence of lifestyle diseases.

We use these products to create other healthy treats for those who want to “EAT THEIR SWEETS & HAVE IT” in other words, those who cannot let go of sweet things, yet want to eat healthy.

At Vie Saine Foodz, we always say that making healthy choices is a sure path to healthy living.

In line to promoting health and well-being, our products are of great importance because unlike other substitutes, it is safe for babies from 6months, allergen-free, plant-based, and minimally processed with all its nutrients intact. With Vie Saine Foodz products, malnutrition and the risk of lifestyle diseases are reduced thereby contributing to a healthy generation.

Our Vision
To be the best indigenous Nigerian company that offers alternative sweetening and snacks with the use of dates.
Our Mission
To innovate and produce healthy alternative food and beverage products that are free of preservatives while promoting health and wellness.
Our Values
Innovate – Versatile – Quality – Excellence

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My Story!

One fateful day in June 2012. I woke up with hives on my skin. My body itched terribly; my lips were swollen. I was perturbed because I did not know what the issue was. I took anti-histamines and after a few hours, it stopped. These allergies progressed and continued for another 3years. I was placed on anti-histamines for a very long. I carried out food allergy tests which showed I was allergic to something, but it was not specific.

Fast-forward to 2015, my dermatologist advised that I should be placed on steroids which I objected to. We finally agreed on listing out every meal that I ate on a daily basis and observed which one I reacted to. To utmost surprise, the culprit was honey! I’m a tea lover and so, I always used to put honey in my tea. Sometimes, I’d have up to five cups a day. …It was a sad discovery for me because at the time I really loved honey.

Vie Saine Foodz was birthed in 2017 out of a personal desire to find an alternative sweetener due to my severe allergic reactions to honey and honey based products that affected my health and also my dislike for other available sweeteners.

Frances Amaka Ofili